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Using PayPal

If you choose to pay for 1-year of membership, you will need to do so using a PayPal account (if you don't already have one, you will be prompted to create one). PayPal links through to a Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Account.


A year after you join, PayPal will automatically generate a renewal and make a payment to the Society. This will be at the rate prevailing at the time (in July of each year, we will adjust your rate in line with any increase in membership fees). If you do not wish PayPal to do this, you will need to cancel the auto-renewal, which you can do at any time. Cancelling the auto-renewal will not cancel your membership immediately: your membership will continue to run until the payment expires. At that time, you will receive a renewal reminder (unless you tell us you don't want to renew).

For details on how to cancel an Auto-Renewal, go to Auto Renewal Cancellation.

Keeping your Details Up to Date

You will also receive an email once a year, probably in July, reminding you to keep your PayPal credit card or debit card details up to date, and to let us know if your address details have changed.


To ask questions about membership, email