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Welcome to the Dorothy Dunnett Wiki

Welcome to the Dorothy Dunnett Wiki. This Wiki founded by Peter Newbatt Smith is intended to be Wikipedia for the Dunnett Community. We envisage that eventually there may be as many as 30,000 pages of information in here (as of Friday 3 Apr 2020 there are 506). This wiki is made available by the Dorothy Dunnett Society to all Dunnett readers, and is maintained by members of the Dorothy Dunnett Society. If you are a member of the Society, and want to assist, then go here.

The main focus of the Dorothy Dunnett Wiki is to become a reference on the works of Dorothy Dunnett (see info on the Chapter project below), but we also hold some information on the Dunnett Archive as well, and hope one day to index all the issues of Whispering Gallery and Marzipan and Kisses (Example here).

Here Be Spoilers

Be warned. If you want to avoid spoilers, you need to be extremely careful. The Chapter Pages are relatively spoiler free (the plot information is hidden unless you choose to reveal it), but if you go to a Character page, then you will be faced with information about the role that character plays in the books and in history, their birthdate, their parentage, etc. If you look up a piece of poetry, you may be told the significance of that piece of poetry to the story. If you look up a location, and it happens to be place where a character dies, then you may be told that. There's really no way to avoid this without fatally compromising the point of the Wiki.

Types of Page

Chapter Pages

You can look at a list of planned and actual Chapter pages here. There are about 100 completed Chapter Pages. These are for HoN and LC. There are very few pages of other types completed as yet.

Poetry Pages


Location Pages

Fictional Character Pages

Historical Character Pages

Literature Pages

Basic Page
Bible Pages
Nostradamus Quatrain Pages


The following contains a list of all Top Level Categories in this Wiki. When creating a page, please add it to the appropriate Category (and by this., I don't mean edit the category page, but rather reference the category in the page that you create).

Technical Guidance

There are various tricks and tips. The Technical Guidance page gives advice on such issues as renaming a page, deleting a page, redirection, etc,_creating,_and_maintaining_articles/Editing_for_the_first_time