Issue 147 of our stunning quarterly magazine Whispering Gallery was sent out to Dorothy Dunnett Society members in June 2020.

Transcriptions of two talks feature in this issue. The first is a speech given by Dorothy Dunnett in 1994 on the subject of editing at an industry conference at which she was the headline speaker. The second is by historian and tour guide Jon Cooper, who was to have been our opening speaker at the Dunnett Weekend, and who has kindly given us permission to publish his talk on the Siege of Haddington.

An entry in March 2020’s ‘That’s Relevant!’ slot was the precursor to a longer article in this issue about Lymond, the Renaissance lute and music collections, as well as some fascinating digressions into Nicholas’s use of codes and ciphers. We have the first part of a close examination of Gelis’s character and Thorfinn’s history as played out in the Orkneyinga Saga; and our series on the Chronicles’ book covers concludes with the recent reissues.

Contents of Whispering Gallery 147, sent out to Dorothy Dunnett Society members in March 2020

    • The Chairman’s Column
    • Trustees’ Pages
    • Members’ Page
    • Dorothy Dunnett and the Daunter of the Scots
    • Thorfinn: the historical figure, the saga hero and the human
    • ‘You can never rely on authors to remember what they meant to say in their own books …’
    • The Royal Arms of Scotland
    • Wrapping Up Dunnett
    • Lymond, Lutes and Musical Codes
    • Understanding Gelis, Part One
    • A Dunnett Lexicon
    • Talking Point
    • That’s Relevant!
    • A Letter from Dorothy Dunnett

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