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Welcome to Issue 151 of Whispering Gallery. This issue was sent out to Dorothy Dunnett Society members in June 2021.

Whispering Gallery 151 front coverA quotation illustrated by Monica MurrayA page from Whispering Gallery 151

The covers of this issue of Whispering Gallery carry something very special indeed – the original artwork that was commissioned by Arrow Books for the 1986 paperback edition of Queens’ Play. We tell the story of how this piece of artwork came to be in the possession of our contributor, and the mystery it solves regarding the identity of the artist.

A discussion begun by a member on the Society’s Facebook page about the death of Robin Stewart is the stepping-off point for two articles that explore the criticism directed at Lymond as a result of Stewart’s suicide. We publish the first of these here.

This issue continues to explore topics and ideas inspired by King Hereafter, including a discussion of the parallels between Thorfinn and the Fisher King from the legends of the Grail, and three generations of new reader from three different places express their appreciation for Dorothy Dunnett.

Contents of Whispering Gallery 151, sent out to Dorothy Dunnett Society members in June 2021

  • The Chairman’s Column
  • Trustees’ Notice Board
  • Members’ Page
  • A Dunnett Lexicon
  • Lymond, Robin Stewart and ‘That’ Death Scene
  • More Pollock than Mondrian: Christianity in the First Millennium, part 2
  • My Story
  • Wrapping Up Dunnett
  • ‘Opening of Lace Exhibition’
  • Routes Through the Marches
  • Understanding Gelis, part 4
  • Thorfinn at the Crossroads: The Fisher King in King Hereafter
  • Short Takes on Lulach’s Utterances
  • Talking Point

Whispering Gallery is the successor to a letterzine named Marzipan and Kisses, founded in the USA in 1984 by Jean Clissold and Karen Brandl.  From Issue 33, Dorothy Dunnett arranged for an international variant named Whispering Gallery to be created and published by the Dorothy Dunnett Foundation (DDF) for readers outside North America.

The DDF was wound up by Dorothy Dunnett in 2001 and its assets and rights assigned to the Dorothy Dunnett Society (then known as the Dorothy Dunnett Readers’ Association) which now publishes Whispering Gallery.  In 2001, Marzipan and Kisses ceased publication and Whispering Gallery became available for readers in North America as well as the rest of the world.

Since Val Bierman’s time, the editor’s role has been undertaken by unpaid volunteers, the latest of whom is Suzanne McNeill whose first issue was Issue 108 in September 2010.


Magazine Editors
Marzipan and Kisses
1984–2001Jean Clissold with Karen Brandl
Whispering Gallery
1984–1986 (Issues 33–40)Edinburgh Book Festival Staff
1986–2004Valerie Bierman
2004–2007Denise Gannon
2007–Jun 2010Sandra Hall
Sep 2010–Suzanne McNeill

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Note on Publication Rights:  The Dorothy Dunnett Society is the publisher of Whispering Gallery and holds the copyright and publication rights for all Whispering Gallery issues, whether published by the Dorothy Dunnett Society or by its predecessor organisations, the Dorothy Dunnett Foundation and the Dorothy Dunnett Readers’ Association.  It has also been given permission by Jean Clissold and Karen Brandl (Bound in Leather Press) to copy and distribute back issues of Marzipan and Kisses.