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Ann Hill from UK wrote on 03 March 2013 at 12.09 pm
Hi there! I have just found this website. I have read King Hereafter and all the Niccolo books and the Lymond Chronicles and am about to start rereading Niccolo Rising. My Kindle makes it so easy for me to carry them round and download them when on holiday. Are there ever any Dunnett events in the West Country?

[Ann, this year's International Dorothy Dunnett Day is likely to be in Bath - hope that's far enough west for you!]
Elizabeth Eames from Canada wrote on 25 February 2013 at 8.55 pm
I enjoy reading about other people's obsessions with my favorite fictional characters.
Casey Crowe from USA wrote on 30 December 2012 at 7.53 pm
Delighted to have found you! God bless the internet (most of the time...). Still need to read Niccolo. Nowhere else have I found an historical fiction writer whose characters and plots are so complex and engaging.
Genny Tunbridge from United Kingdom wrote on 15 November 2012 at 1.30 pm
How have I never heard of Dorothy Dunnett until now? I finished reading The Game of Kings on Saturday, which I have since discovered was International Dorothy Dunnett Day! I loved it, and have already ordered the second volume in the series. I was reading while on holiday in Malta; I like to read fiction related to places I visit on holiday, so I asked friends for recommendations of any books featuring Malta, and it was through this that I came across the Lymond series as one friend mentioned The Disorderly Knights, but said I had better start at the beginning of the series. As a keen reader of historical fiction I can't understand how I had never come across these books before but I'm very glad I have now, and am looking forward to spending a lot more time with Lymond...

[So glad you have finally discovered these marvellous books, Genny. Happy reading, and do let us know how you get on. We are also on Facebook at ]
Geri Tauber from USA wrote on 08 November 2012 at 4.19 pm
So glad I found this site! I used to follow the Marzipan and Kisses crowd 10 years ago on the yahoo group. I've been reading and re-reading Dorothy Dunnett since 1974. "The only author you'll ever need." Good to know that International DD Day is this Saturday. Time to pull another old friend off the shelves for a quick read.