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Eva Irene Carlsen from Norway wrote on 23 January 2014 at 5.32 pm
I have bought some back issues of WG, and it is very interesting to see the development of the magazine over the years. In addition I am enjoying myself reading them - and also re-reading the the newer issues (I became a member in 2007). It all started With Ringed Castle, which I bought in a secondhand bookstore in Oslo, and then I was hooked!
Louise Fowler from USA wrote on 26 November 2013 at 2.38 pm
My sister in law introduced me to the Dunnett world, a feast for history lovers. I had the great pleasure of seeing Lady Dunnett on her book tour in the USA following the publication of Gemini. Have read Lymond twice and am now on the third reading of Niccolo. I learn something everytime.
Helen Macnaughton from UK wrote on 20 August 2013 at 11.29 pm
I discovered Lymond in 1966!
Deanna Groom from Wales wrote on 10 August 2013 at 9.25 pm
I have just finished my second re-read of the Johnson Johnson novels and it occurred to me that some of the characters that we love so well from the Lymond and Niccolo series have echoes in the Johnson Johnson stories. For example, from Dolly and the Nanny Bird is Joanna Emerson an echo of Philippa and Lenny Milligan an echo of Archie? From Moroccan Traffic - Professor Emerson's shooting of the mercenary who knew the truth about the death of Johnson's wife is a little strange. I wonder if Professor Emerson, Johnson's spy boss, would have turned out to be Johnson's arch enemy if Dorothy had been able to complete the last novel? Intriguing thoughts...
Carole Ross from UK wrote on 02 July 2013 at 3.44 pm
I can't understand why I never read Dorothy Dunnett before, but a recommendation from a book group friend has led to my most enjoyable reading experience ever. Have just finished the Lymond chronicles and am making myself wait a couple of weeks before I start them all over again. I am so looking forward to taking them more slowly second time around. How did the original readers cope, having to wait a few years before the next volume was published? It must have been so difficult!