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Eva Irene Carlsen from Nannestad wrote on 18 March 2016 at 1.01 pm
WG 130 arrived yesterday, just in time for Easter!
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
Thanks for letting us know, Eva. It's yet another terrific issue and we hope you enjoy it! (If anyone reading this wants to know what "Whispering Gallery" is, details are at the top of this page in the menu bar.)
Alexandra from Yates wrote on 10 October 2015 at 5.00 pm
Hi There,
My Mother introduced me to Francis Crawford when I was 16 and that was a long time ago! It's been difficult to find a Man to compare against him! I just reread the series for the 9th time (I think), and when my copy of The Game of Kings fell apart completely, 2 years ago, I loaded them up in my e reader, so I have Francis and Phillipa with me all the time ! I live in Victoria BC Canada, But I'm English and was Married to a Kerr ! My sons are both quite proud of their Left Handed Sheep Stealing ancestors !
Delighted to have found this website!
Deanna Groom from Wales wrote on 24 April 2015 at 8.04 pm
I have just returned from a trip to Hadrian's wall and to Scotland during which I took some time out to explore some of the places in the Borders mentioned in the Lymond series. For example, in my exploring around Hexham I came across the entrance gates to Beauchope Castle (house built on a 15th centory Peel Tower). I was able to make time to have afternoon tea in Biggar. I found that there is a nearby private house/manse called Culter Allers. The associated church has 19th century gravestones dedicated to Somervilles. I am not sure if these places were the inspiration for Flaws Valley and Midculter, but, as I have begun to read the Games of Kings again, I feel that I have a better understanding of the landscapes that Francis Crawford and his outlaw band roamed across. Going to very much enjoy this reread with those landscapes still in my mind's eye.
Eva Irene Carlsen from Norway wrote on 15 April 2015 at 3.29 pm
I have pre-ordered the Edingburgh guide, and do so look forward to receiving it.
Gretchen Perkins from US wrote on 02 April 2015 at 3.25 am
I just joined the Society and am thrilled to be part of a group that honors such an incredible author! My discovery of The Lymond Chronicles and The House of Niccolo is fairly recent ( the past two years) and I powered through the books one right after the other. I love the history, but especially love the characters. I try to encourage others to read these amazing stories, but have found they are an acquired taste. Oh well. At least we have each other!
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
A warm welcome to the Society to you, Gretchen!