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Eva Irene Carlsen from Nannestad wrote on 24 December 2016 at 1.59 pm
WG 133 arrived just in time for Christmas! Lots of interesting articles to read, so I am saving it for the Christmas holidays. By the way, I am so glad to be a member of the Society and to follow it, Reading Dunnett and Niccolo on Facebook.
Sara Sanders-Buell from Virginia, USA wrote on 01 November 2016 at 3.08 pm
I've thoroughly enjoyed reading issues 131 & 132 The sneak peak allowed into the correspondence between Dorothy and her American editor Harvey Ginsberg is just fascinating. Also, Carole Richardson's "A Dunnett Lexicon" is a joy to read and as a word lover I will be opening each successive issue of Whispering Gallery to her contribution.
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
Thanks for these lovely comments about our magazine, "Whispering Gallery" and we hope you will continue to enjoy your membership of the Dorothy Dunnett Society just as much.
Eva Irene Carlsen from Nannestsd wrote on 17 June 2016 at 10.43 am
WG 131 has arrived just in time for the weekend!
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
Great! As usual, it looks to be both fascinating and beautiful.
Tracy from Missouri, USA wrote on 04 June 2016 at 1.59 am
I discovered Dorothy Dunnett's House of Niccolo series quite by accident about 15 years ago. I proceeded to buy all of them in paperback, and even bought a 2nd when one one didn't get returned that I had loaned out.

Last year I discovered that our local library offered the Lymond Chronicles as e-Books and I'm hooked all over again. These series are so timeless,they should be on everyone's 'must read' list .

I'm glad to discover there is an entire society devoted to her body of work.
Denise from U.S. wrote on 12 May 2016 at 5.01 pm
I just joined the society and am looking forward to interacting with other devoted Dunnett fans. I first met Lymond back in the mid-1970s and raved to everyone I knew about it, but few around here (I'm in New England) had heard of him. I've re-read Lymond Chronicles at least once every decade and they hold up over the years, indeed. Just found Nicolo a few years ago, but prefer Lymond.
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
A warm welcome to the society, Denise!