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Jane Taylor from Edinburgh wrote on 08 September 2021 at 10.19 pm
Today I had the great pleasure of being warmly well met by Julia Hart and Suzanne McNeill, and I'd like to thank them both for fanning the flames of a further addiction to the works of Dorothy Dunnett, if that were possible. They are both wonderful ambassadors for the society and interesting and charming people - DD would have approved! I'm really looking forward to International Dorothy Dunnett Day 2021, and hopefully I will have calmed down a bit by then 😉 It is delightful to be able to meet kindred fans and enjoy some fangirling. It's a lovely thing, indeed.
Richard Buck from Grass Valley, CA wrote on 02 November 2020 at 5.06 am
I just listened to the interview with David Monteath. I did not know there was an audio recording. Having read the Chronicles twice (and the first three books three times), I don’t expect to listen to the audio versions, but seeing that interview brought me closer to all of you. I am grateful to you for hosting and then posting the interview. It was surprising to hear that he has no favorite book. (Mine is The Disorderly Knights, but any of the dramatic scenes where Lymond wins the day through clever words and the results of his secret knowledge and prior planning could just as easily be my favorite.) I liked David’s description of Jerrott as the angel to Lymond’s devil and vice versa as they frequently switched roles. That could have been said about most of his friends: he led them, he loved them, he protected them, he won their loyalty honestly, and in turn they were there time and again when he needed them.

I have never met a Lymond fan in real life and I’ve read the books in isolation. I’ve given them to family members who have not read them. I am grateful that this Society exists.

Be well.

- Richard
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
Thank for your message, Richard, and I'll make sure David Monteath sees it. His recordings are superb and I have found the audiobooks bring me new insights as they enable me to savour every single word of the text. The Disorderly Knights is my favourite too! If you would be interested in making contact with other Dunnett readers (we know it can be a lonely calling) we will be celebrating International Dorothy Dunnett Day on 14th November and there may be an online gathering you would like to join. Details at
Eva Irene Carlsen from Nannestad, Norway wrote on 14 July 2020 at 8.24 pm
My compliments for your Instagram entries. I enjoy them very much, and I also learn from them. Keep up the good work!
Kara Page from Wilmington, NY wrote on 23 June 2020 at 10.18 pm
I just finished re-reading Lymond for the third time at least and found you all subsequently. Nice to know you exist because here, so few people know about Dorothy Dunnett's work. I have a love of Scotland now from my readings, including watching shows like "Shetland." I wish someone would try to translate Lymond to the screen.
Be well.
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
Thank you for reaching out to us Kara! We have many Dorothy Dunnett Society members in the US and there are local gatherings every November on International Dorothy Dunnett Day. Keep an eye on our special IDDD page which will be updated nearer the time of this year's events.
Lynn Campbell from Nevada City, CA wrote on 22 February 2020 at 3.56 am
I have read L ymond and Niccolo more times than I can remember, I know I am not alone. Spoiled for all other authors.. No-one measures up. Help me.. Need to come meet you all and just talk and tell stories for days and day s!
Sincerely, LC
Admin Reply by: Luadhas
We really do feel your pain. Perhaps you can make it this year or next to our annual gathering in Edinburgh? Details at . Or join the Society to receive our quarterly magazine, Whispering Gallery, by visiting ?

You can also find the Dorothy Society on Facebook, where we have a lively discussion group; also Twitter and Instagram.