Lindsey Davis speaks to the Dorothy Dunnett Society

Lindsey Davis knew Dorothy Dunnett, and enjoyed her books very much.  This video is Lindsey’s talk to the Dorothy Dunnett Society at our Edinburgh meeting in 2018.  Her topics were: “Dorothy Dunnett Prevented Me Writing” and “We Need to Talk About Influence”, followed by a Q&A.  As might be expected. Lindsey talks about the works of Dorothy Dunnett, but also about her own work, her dealings with her publishers and editors, her personal trainer, adaptations of her works, and other topics.  She’s a damn good speaker, and this is one of the best talks that we have had at the Society.

And a word to Lindsey Davis readers:  Welcome to the Dorothy Dunnett Society website.  If you want to know more about Dorothy Dunnett and her books, you’ve come to the right place.  Dunnett’s first book (from the Lymond Chronicles) is Game of Kings, the first in her House of Niccolo series is Niccolo Rising, and either of these books is a good place to start.  Dorothy Dunnett’s book can be challenging at first, but they draw you in, and reward handsomely repeated visits.  Enjoy!

Words ©Lindsey Davis, recording ©The Dorothy Dunnett Society.
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