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Youtube Channel

The Dorothy Dunnett Society has a YouTube channel and you can visit it here.  We recommend that you subscribe to the channel and also click on the reminder bell, so that you get notified of every video upload in future.

A number of videos are linked to directly below, but not all.

2021 Dunnett AGM Day (26 Jun 2021)

The following videos are from that day.  The video of the AGM does not appear, because it is private to members only.  Members will be directly  emailed with the link.  Videos will be added in the week to 5th July.

Some of the sessions about include shorter videos.  Here they are individual (some of them will have better quality watched this way)

2019 Dunnett Weekend

2018 Dunnett Weekend


The Lymond Botanical Bookmarks and Russia: The Dorothy Dunnett Russia Guide – Video overview of Russia: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide, and the Lymond Botanical Bookmarks

Lymond Book Club

Not produced by the DDS, but one of our members, Laura, is a member of the trio discussing the books in this series of videos recorded over the year from July 2020.  The other two members are Dee and Philippe (Philippe is new to Dunnett, and joins the fun in the second video).