Iceland travel guide

Iceland: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide

Iceland: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide

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Hekla and

Information and Practical Advice

Iceland’s official information portal

Icelandic Road Administration for up-to-date information on road and weather conditions.

In an Emergency

The English-language website of the Icelandic Civil Protection authority, Almannavarnir,  is a crucial source of information and advice on any major emergency (such as an eruption, earthquake, flood or temporary road closures).

Car breakdown: contact the Icelandic motoring association, FIB, at 5-112-112.

Bring the details of your relevant Embassy or Consulate with you. These can be found on the website of the Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Additional contacts and websites for visitors:

Icelandair: or

Air Iceland (flights within Iceland and to the Faroes/Greenland)

Keflavik airport (to check arrivals, departures and special circumstances)

Reykjavik airport

Reykjavik long-distance bus terminal

Smyril Line

Westmann Isles ferries

Flights to Westmann Isles

Main taxi services in Reykjavík:

Iceland Taxi, tel (00354) 892 0501

Hreyfill-Bæjarleiðir, tel (00354) 588 5522

Icelandair Hotels

Edda Hotels

Accommodation lists and

Camping information

Cottage rental