Events policies

Policies at the Edinburgh Dunnett Weekend and other events organised by the Dorothy Dunnett Society

COVID-19 for the Dunnett Weekend 2022 (updated 28-Feb-2022)

Attendees at the Dunnett Weekend 2022 events must be fully vaccinated and boosted, and must bring such proof of vaccination as is accepted by their government.

We would also appreciate it if you could test yourselves just prior to attendance at events.  At the events themselves, we (and the venues we use) may require additional measures such as mask wearing and hand sanitisation and a degree of social distancing, and these may vary from venue to venue.  We will comply with regulations and advice from the Scottish Government.  If you have any concerns about any of this, please contact .

The Dorothy Dunnett Society recognises how important it is to respect the privacy and personal feelings of members in the taking of photos at our events, and in the use of these images. We are aware of our responsibility under the Equality Act 2010 not to discriminate against any member or cause him or her distress. We are also keenly aware that, as we have members across the UK and around the world who may not be able to attend events, the reporting of our events, including the publication of photographs in Whispering Gallery or on our website,, is an important way of keeping all the membership in touch.

Any member who is concerned about being photographed or that a photograph featuring them may be published in Whispering Gallery or on our website,, is asked to let the event organiser know formally. We will not seek to limit the taking of photographs at events but would not publish any that particularly feature members (individually or in small groups) who do not wish to be shown. It is important that we are able to publish general photographs of events for the benefit of the whole membership.

Members of the Board of Trustees, Officers of the Society and speakers/presenters at events would normally be excluded from these provisions, as they are an important part of the way the Society can communicate with its members.

This policy covers photography at events directly organised by the Society and those pictures taken by anyone asked to photograph an event by the Society’s Trustees or event organisers.

Bookings and refunds
Bookings will be regarded as firm and non-refundable. The Trustees and organisers will strive, wherever possible, to make the maximum refund where unforeseen circumstances prevent members and others attending.  Unfortunately, we cannot compensate you for incidental expenses such as travel and accommodation under any circumstances.

Whilst the Dorothy Dunnett Society endeavours to ensure the suitability of its activities for attendees, please do not put yourself in danger or risk injury.  If you make us aware of any limitations or disabilities you may have, we will make reasonable efforts to accommodate you or suggest an alternative activity.  Please note that the nature of the historic buildings we visit means that there is often limited access for those with restricted mobility.

Our suppliers/venues carried the normal statutory insurance.  We advise attendees, particularly those from overseas, to carry personal insurance.