Oxford Day 2022

The postponed date for Oxford Day 2022 is Saturday 1st October. The event will, as always, be at Wolfson College in Oxford, with a meal at the Cherwell Boathouse (a 5 minute walk away) afterwards. The organiser is again Linzy Brady, who organised the previous highly successful Oxford Day BC (Before Covid).

Booking is now open, and more information about the day, and how to book, is below.

Information Sheet

Linzy has provided the following additional information:

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Menu for the Cherwell Boathouse

See you there!

Mark Whelan - Keynote SpeakerWax and honey were big business in medieval and early modern Europe. Wax formed the candles that powered spiritual and religious life throughout Christendom, while honey was vital for its medicinal properties and the only sweetener available to Europeans before the advent of large-scale sugar imports. Princes and dukes threatened war over disputed wax and honey supplies, bees and beekeepers were protected in law across Europe, and sellers of counterfeit wax and honey were pulled before courts and threatened with their lives, while merchants made fortunes shipping bee products thousands of miles across the continent. This talk will examine why the honey bee was so important in medieval and early modern Europe and how the continent’s dependence on the humble insect and its precious products marked everything from its social and cultural life to its law and high politics.