International Dorothy Dunnett Day 2020

The tenth annual IDDD is on Saturday 14 November, 2020. This is certainly a year like no other in the history of our IDD Days, but Dunnett groups around the world are still marking their calendars and making plans! Virtually or in person, groups will be meeting, and at 13.00 (1 pm) local time, they will raise a toast to the Lady who started it all, and to absent friends. Read more on our dedicated IDDD page.

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2020 AGM Online

The Board of the Dorothy Dunnett Society has reluctantly taken the decision to replace our AGM in Edinburgh on Saturday 24th October with an online AGM at 15:00 UK time on that date.  So if you were making plans to attend the AGM in Edinburgh on Saturday 24th October, please do change them.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.

We have not taken this situation lightly, but given that the COVID-19 situation in Scotland (and the rest of the UK) is still uncertain and prone to sudden change, this seems by far the most prudent approach to take.

We will be contacting members later in September with more information about the arrangements for voting and attending.

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Essex Day 2020 cancelled

Linda and Denise are sorry that Essex Day cannot go ahead as usual this year, but they may be able to arrange a slimmed down event for September, depending on the COVID-19 situation.

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Narrating Lymond Video now available

Today was to have been the start of the 2020 Dunnett Weekend. Alas, that has been cancelled due to COVID-19.  But the video of David Monteath talking about his experiences of narrating the Lymond Chronicles at the 2019 Dunnett Weekend has just now been made now available via the DDS website, and you can find it here:

DDS Videos

And you can also find this video, and others, through our Youtube channel, here.  Click on the bell there to be notified of new video uploads automatically, and if you like the video, click like.


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Covid-19 Newsletter 2

Philippa Somerville sat in the local Lazaretto in her fifth week of quarantine, playing a cut-throat game of cards for olives, with Archie Abernethy.

Dunnett Weekend 2020
Good news:  when we cancelled the Dunnett Weekend this year, we said that we would refund, by end June at the latest, 50% or more of the money that our delegates paid. In fact, we are able to refund 100%, and by 15th April at the latest.  These refunds will be cost-neutral to the Society.

This is thanks to the goodwill of all our speakers and guides, Hunters Coaches, the John MacIntyre Centre, the MacDonald Marine Hotel in North Berwick, and the Radisson Blu hotel in Edinburgh, who have waived fees and expenses, and refunded money already paid.  The Weekend Team of Betty Moxon, Tom Blackie, Karen Alvey and Nicky Cannon have worked tirelessly and speedily to achieve this very positive result.  Thank you also to those delegates who have decided to refuse any refund, but rather donated their money to the Society.  If you booked for the Dunnett Weekend 2020, you will be contacted individually regarding refunds, or to thank you for your donations.  It is good to know that in such difficult times, so many people are showing such generosity and such patience.

2020 AGM
We still intend to hold the Annual General Meeting itself in Edinburgh later this year, but the situation is still too fluid to set a date.  A number of members have suggested that we hold an online AGM rather than a physical one.  We have investigated this.  Unfortunately, it would involve considerable practical complexities, and is also not permitted by our constitution.  However these are exceptional times, and if it seems that we are unable to hold a physical AGM by end 2020, or if the Scottish Charity Regulator recommends that we go down this route, we will investigate further.

Oxford Day – 13th June 2020
Oxford Day 2020 is still going ahead.  Organiser Linzy Brady continues to keep the situation under review.

Essex Day – 25th July 2020
Essex Day 2020 is still going ahead.  Organisers Linda Butcher and Denise Gannon continue to keep the situation under review.

Whispering Gallery 146
Whispering Gallery 146, the March 2020 issue, has now been received across much of the UK, and has started to arrive in Germany, Canada, the USA, and New Zealand albeit at a slower rate than usual. Do enjoy it, and if you’ve not received it yet, please do be patient.  Keep letting us know on social media when your copy arrives:

And check out our online presence elsewhere:

Previous COVID-19 Newsletter
You can see our previous newsletter here:

Languishing Locked at Home
Are you undertaking any Dunnett Related activities while self isolating?  Maybe Reading Dunnett, or doing Dunnett-related crafts?  Teaching yourself Tzukanion?  Playing with your Farmuk?  Or indulging in some Mini-Kolf in your back garden? If so, send in a photo (if you are able to take one) to Whispering Gallery via email hidden; JavaScript is required, and we’ll put a selection in the June edition of Whispering Gallery.

Dorothy Dunnett
Dorothy Dunnett created the DDS in large part so that her readers around the world could keep in contact with each other through the Dorothy Dunnett Society. It’s now almost 20 years on, and I know that she would be proud of the way that everyone has dealt with this, across the Society and also the suppliers in her home town of Edinburgh.  If you are self-isolating, sheltering in place, or just spending more time at home than usual, we all know that the solution to all your problems (who doesn’t love a little hyperbole?) is simply to read more Dunnett, and to recommend to all your family and friends that they do too!


Simon Hedges
Chairman, Dorothy Dunnett Society
History and literature, together as one
Dorothy Dunnett Society,
Scottish Charity No. SC030649

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