In Association With status

In Association With is a status conferred, by agreement, on associated Dunnett Events that are not organised by the Dorothy Dunnett Society. Examples are Linzy Brady’s Oxford Day, the Dunnett Solstice and, in the past Betty Cooper’s Journey to… events. There are the following expectations:

The Organiser Will

  • Allow us (i.e. representatives of the DDS Board) to make a few announcements at the event.
  • Allow us to take memberships, and sell merchandise at the event.
  • Remain a member of the DDS while they are running the event.
  • Comply with GDPR. It shouldn’t be too complicated. Seek the Board’s advice if you wish.
  • Ask speakers if they can provide a transcript of the their talks for publication in Whispering Gallery, and potentially related artwork (they don’t have to say yes, but it’s good if they do). Suzanne McNeill can advise on the implications if the speakers are concerned about copyright on images, etc.
  • Ask attendees to write up impressions of the day for WG and to write up more detailed descriptions of any of the talks that transcriptions are not being provided for (if you don’t know who to ask, Olive could provide you with recommendations of people who may be happy to do this).
  • Permit photography, and check if Tom Blackie will be photographing the event: if not, raise it with the Board who can arrange for others to do it. Please do permit
  • Ask your speakers (if we ask you to) if they would mind being videoed for the DDS (we’ve never asked this yet, and if we do, then we’d provide information about how we go about this, copyright issues, etc).
  • Do nothing that would damage the reputation of the Dorothy Dunnett Society.
  • Make no payment for services to the Dorothy Dunnett Society.

The Dorothy Dunnett Society Will

  • Provide the DDS “In Association With” logo for use on any printed literature.
  • Provide you with a DDS email address (e.g. email hidden; JavaScript is required) redirected to your own address, so you don’t need to make your own address public in Whispering Gallery, or on Facebook, or out web page.
  • Promote the event in WG, on our website, our Facebook page, and twitter, and generally support the event.
  • Cover you using our event liability insurance, free of charge, if your event is in the UK.
  • Be happy to let you use our online booking form software that takes bookings calculates costs and send you a booking email (and take PayPal payment if you have a PayPal account, and the software permits us to direct the payment to your account and not our own)

Other Things to Note

  • The organiser may wish to hold a raffle to benefit the DDS, or ask for the Board to arrange one.
  • The finances of In Association With events are completely separate from those of the DDS, so the DDS doesn’t require to audit the books, or have any visibility of them at all.
  • The DDS has no liability in case of the event loss or failure.
  • Although not a requirement, it’s good to allow time for a group photo for Whispering Gallery.