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A List of Characters as they appear in King Hereafter by Dorothy Dunnett

As referred to in Whispering Gallery 150, a list of King Hereafter characters.

King Hereafter Character List



Dorothy’s UK publisher, Penguin, has made a set of short reading guides available, which raise lots of interesting discussion points. These are great for reading groups (and solo readers) and you can find them at the links below. Spoiler warning: each guide assumes you have finished the book!

The Lymond Chronicles

The House of Niccolò

The Game of Kings Niccolò Rising
Queens’ Play The Spring of the Ram
The Disorderly Knights Race of Scorpions
Pawn in Frankincense Scales of Gold
The Ringed Castle The Unicorn Hunt
Checkmate To Lie With Lions
Caprice and Rondo