Centenary postcard exhibition

Dorothy Dunnett was a portrait painter before she was an author, yet we rarely explore this part of her life, though the ‘painterly’ quality of her writing is often mentioned. We’d like to celebrate the visual by inviting members to submit a ‘postcard’ created in any medium to mount an exhibition of creative responses to any of her books. You can use any technique – paint, embroidery, collage, quilting, calligraphy or any other method – to create a 6 in x 4 in ‘postcard’ that can be mounted on velcro and attached to a display board. If the makers wish, these small art pieces may be offered for sale at the Centenary Gathering, or can be returned to the maker if desired. The rules are set out here, deadline for entries 31st January 2023.

Do consider entering! We are not looking for perfect technique, and in any case there will be no judging of contributions. We know readers respond passionately to Dunnett’s books, and this is a way for them to show that passion in a way that is entirely their own. You will have an interpretation that no one else has thought of, a way of looking at the novels that may illuminate someone else’s thinking, a way of showing your unique insight that will resonate with others. This could be a beautiful exhibition for all the attendees at the Centenary Gathering.

Any questions, please contact me at .
Deborah Conway Read, Trustee