Whispering Gallery 156 is out

Whispering Gallery 156 front coverA page of calligraphy by Monica Murray'Save your steel for those you trust'

In this issue, we explore the techniques Dorothy Dunnett employs that generate our ambivalence towards Austin Grey, and learn how reading Dunnett encouraged a reader to take an interest in learning and practising historical sword fighting.

We look at the religious context of Checkmate and how the novel reflects themes that gave rise to the Scottish Reformation. We are taken on a journey through The House of Niccolò and The Lymond Chronicles that presents us with a clearer, overall picture of Lymond’s French home Sevigny, and we have a piece on the archaeological research currently being carried out in Deerness, in Orkney, home to Thorkel Fóstri.

We explore Paris’s Île de la Cité, and we have the concluding part of a member’s very personal account of her passion for The Lymond Chronicles.

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