Centenary Postcard Exhibition

Dunnett Weekend 2023 Postcard Exhibition


To produce an exhibition of responses to Dunnett’s books, whether in writing, or by painting, drawing, embroidery, multimedia, etc. Postcards may have no words or be entirely words; have no pictorial elements; or be entirely pictorial; or any combination of words and images.

Entry requirements

Entrants must be paid up members of the Dorothy Dunnett Society or are delegates at the Centenary Gathering. We already hold details of your names and addresses in the membership list so this does not require any additional data collection


  1. Postcards (postcard-sized creative pieces) may be made in any medium but must conform STRICTLY to a size of 6 inches by 4 inches (152 mm x 102 mm). This is so they can be arranged well in the exhibition. Do not have any part of your entry hanging/protruding beyond these measurements.
  2. Entries are limited to 5 per person.
  3. Postcards will be attached to a display board by means of velcro dots supplied by us. Please DO NOT attach your own. This means that whatever medium you use, it MUST be capable of being supported by velcro dots.
  4. Please ensure your postcard is labelled CLEARLY and SECURELY with your first and last names and your postcode on the back.
  5. Postcards may take any approach to any of the Dunnett books. They may be pictorial, abstract, calligraphic, typed, etc. The only constraint is that they MUST conform to the size.
  6. Postcards will be displayed at the Dunnett Weekend 2023 and photographed to create a digital archive.
  7. Entrants will retain copyright, but will be deemed to have permitted the Dorothy Dunnett Society to use them for any purpose. The work will always be credited.
  8. Entrants may ask for their postcards to be returned after being exhibited, in which case they must supply a suitable return self-addressed envelope with sufficient postage that should be enough to cover the cost of postage to them from any point within their own country. This is so we can send all postcards from one country to one member who will then post them locally. Postcards not returned will be held by the DDS.
  9. Entrants may choose to allow their postcard to be sold to raise funds for the DDS. If so, please mark them For Sale on the reverse.
  10. Postcards must be received by 31 January 2023. Please allow plenty of time for postal delays. Postcards should be sent to Julia Hart, 111 Henderson Row, Edinburgh, EH3 5BB, United Kingdom
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