Orkney and North-East Scotland: the Dorothy Dunnett Guide

We are pleased and proud to announce the publication of Orkney and North-East Scotland: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide. Order here.

‘They’re rebuilding the church of the old Pictish monastery. And now they have the feel of it, they’ve decided to knock down part of Earl Sigurd’s hall and build a better one. With heating-flues, and a water-channel, and bath-house outside. Some of the houses are being rebuilt as well, and they are to repair the slipway.’ (Groa explains the renovations at Birsay; KH, Pt 3, Ch 12)

Orkney and North-East Scotland: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide – 80 pages of quotes, texts and illustrations that explore locations in Thorfinn’s Orkney, his Caithness earldoms and his Moray mormaerdom.

 Covering mainly the first two parts of the novel it features, amongst others, Deerness, Birsay and Orphir in Orkney, Thurso, Ham and Freswick in Caithness, the battle that opens the possibility of the kingship of Alba, Duftah’s St Colman’s and Deer, the places where Thorfinn recuperates from Dunsinane and Lumphanan, where he meets his end.

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