Russia: the Dorothy Dunnett Guide

Russia: the Dorothy Dunnett guide

Just published! Would you like to explore the Russia experienced by Francis Crawford of Lymond and Nicholas de Fleury in Dorothy Dunnett’s novels, The Ringed Castle and Caprice and Rondo?

Russia: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide describes many of the locations which feature in the novels, both in Moscow and beyond, and will enable you to glimpse Russia’s golden-domed capital, its towns and its countryside through the eyes of Lymond and Nicholas.

The guide contains fascinating insights into Russia and its history; locations from the books and of the period, with quotations to remind you of their context within the novels; visits to museums and other sites of interest; maps old and new; and beautiful historical illustrations. This is the essential guide for any Dunnett reader visiting Russia in person, or just in their imagination.

You can order your copy now from our online shop.

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