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We are living in interesting times!   As the COVID-19 Coronavirus spreads around the World, increasingly disrupting normal life, it turns out that the Dorothy Dunnett Society is not immune. This email, which is being sent to all our members (those without email will be sent letters) gives an update on the way that the Society is being affected.

The Dunnett Weekend 2020

This year’s Dunnett Weekend has been cancelled.  It became very clear that travel bans from overseas, combined with increasing restrictions within Scotland and the wider UK, were making it untenable, and potentially unsafe, especially for our older delegates.  Delegates have been contacted individually by email or phone, and the advice they have been given is here:

The DDS Annual General Meeting 2020

A key part of the Dunnett Weekend is the Annual General Meeting of the Society.  We are legally required to hold the AGM within 15 months of the previous AGM, which would mean holding it by 27th July 2020 at the latest.  However, in the current circumstances the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) has said that it will be forgiving if this date slips – but we are not allowed to cancel entirely.  So we will hold the 2020 AGM in Edinburgh after restrictions ease and it seems feasible to do so. There is a quorum of 20, so we hope that those of you within easy travelling distance will attend (and all members are welcome, of course).  We will provide more details when we have a date. In the meantime, as required, we will submit our accounts and other relevant documentation to OSCR in draft form.

Whispering Gallery 146

Whispering Gallery 146 (the March 2020 issue) is being distributed (please ignore its optimistic comments about the Dunnett Weekend!).  However, the postal system could be impacted by the cancellation of flights, and potential general transport disruption – so it’s highly likely that some of you won’t get WG146 within the normal timescales – and possibly not for considerably longer.  Please be patient. And do let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram when your copy arrives.

The Dunnett Shop

The factors that will potentially impact on the distribution of Whispering Gallery may also impact on the speed of delivery of merchandise – so, again, please be patient.

Oxford Day 2020

Oxford Day 2020 (planned for June 13th) is not cancelled, however organiser Linzy Brady is keeping a close eye on things, and will provide an update if anything changes.  Keep an eye on the news feed for more information.

Essex Day 2020

Essex Day 2020 (planned for 25th July) is not cancelled, Linda Butcher will be in contact with her usual attendees by email or phone.  Anyone considering coming who has not been before, should keep an eye on the news feed for updates.  Please don’t send in any cheques unless you are advised to by Linda.

International Dorothy Dunnett Day 2020

We expect this to continue as normal:  by 14th November, when it is held, things should be considerably calmer.

The 2021 Dunnett Weekend and AGM

In 2021 the Dunnett Weekend will be later than usual, so please do set aside the dates of Fri 25th June to Sun 27th June 2021.  We hope to have a cracking weekend for you then.  The Dunnett Weekend 2021 will form the first part of the Dunnett Solstice trip to Edinburgh, Inverness and Orkney (the Inverness and Orkney elements will be optional – you won’t have to sign up for the whole thing).  Venues have already been reserved in Edinburgh, and planning is well under way.  We hope that many of our usual Dunnett Weekenders will attend the Edinburgh part of the Solstice, and that we will have a number of additional attendees who plan to take part in all the Dunnett Solstice events.

Membership Renewals

Because of potential issues with postage, it would be appreciated if those renewing their membership over the next weeks could do so by PayPal if possible.  If you have any questions about how to do this, please email email hidden; JavaScript is required.   If you are renewing by cheque, please get the cheque in the post as soon as possible.  If you decide you don’t want to renew, please let us know:  it saves time sending reminders.  Normally, we wait until most of you have received Whispering Gallery before sending out renewal notices, but this time around, to give as much time as possible for you to renew, we will be sending out the renewal reminders earlier than usual – in the next few days.

For More Information

This email will also appear as a news item at  Please check back there every so often to see if there are any updates.  We will also be posting on social media, but the place to check for general news is, and for the Dunnett Weekend, it’s

Thank You

This is a difficult time, and so far we have had nothing but support and understanding from you, our members – thank you for being so forbearing.



Simon Hedges
Chairman, Dorothy Dunnett Society
Dorothy Dunnett Society,
History and literature, together as one
Scottish Charity No. SC030649

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