‘Dolly’ recorded for the RNIB talking books library

The Dorothy Dunnett Society was delighted to donate funds to enable the recording of Dolly and the Singing Bird for listeners to the Royal National Institute for the Blind’s  Talking Books. Well done Lesley Burnie, our wonderful treasurer, for thinking of it!

The Society donated £2,500 so that the RNIB, a registered UK charity, can produce the very first book in Dorothy Dunnett’s Johnson Johnson (or Dolly) series.

The move came after Lesley took part in a pub-quiz in the Canons’ Gait pub in Edinburgh last year to raise funds for RNIB’s Talking Books Library. The 30,000 titles in the library are all professionally narrated and recorded and lent out free to people with sight loss.  Read more here …


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