Iceland: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide

Iceland: The Dorothy Dunnett GuideWould you like to travel in the footsteps of Dorothy Dunnett’s Niccolὸ around Iceland, as described in The House of Niccolὸ novel To Lie With Lions?

Iceland: The Dorothy Dunnett Guide describes a series of road journeys with maps and planning tips to enable you to track the route of Nicholas de Fleury and his companions, and to experience the places they did. It is written by Dunnett reader Alyson JK Bailes, who lives and works in Iceland, and it reflects her first-hand knowledge of this historic, beautiful and culturally rich country.

As well as the itineraries, the guide contains a brief history of Iceland, local background information, pronunciation guide, and appropriate quotations from the book. For any Dunnett reader planning to visit Iceland, or just dreaming of doing so, this is the guide for you and it is available now in our online shop!

Publication date: September 2013

ISBN: 978-0-9570046-2-7

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