Trustees and Officers

The Dorothy Dunnett Society has a Board of up to eight Trustees, all of whom are unpaid volunteers, and who are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting or co-opted. Every Trustee is a member of the Society’s organising committee and vice versa. There are usually five formal board meetings each year, most of which take place in Edinburgh. You can get in touch with any of the Society’s Trustees via email here.

Trustees 2018/2019

Simon Hedges – Chairman; Membership

Ann Auchterlonie – Secretary

Lesley Burnie – Treasurer; Data Privacy

Suzanne McNeillWhispering Gallery and Publications Editor

Janet McCourt – Website and online shop; The Solar (members’ forum)

Pamela Gordon – Academic Prize

Sarah Mumford – General Enquiries

Deborah Conway Read – Social Media

The Society also has an Honorary President, Officers and other helpers who cheerfully carry out various tasks and duties to help the society to function. All these people are unpaid volunteers and are very supportive of each other. You can get in touch with any of the Society’s Officers via email here.

Officers 2018/2019

Betty Moxon – Dunnett Weekend; HWA Short Story Competition

Olive Millward – Dunnett Oxford Day

Jen Myers – Dorothy Dunnett Guides

Tina Dallas – International Dorothy Dunnett Day

Julia Hart – Archives Liaison

Forthcoming Board Meetings

  • 21st July 2018: London
  • 17th November 2018: Edinburgh