Lymond Chronicles, the House of Niccolò series and King Hereafter to be republished

UK publisher Michael Joseph will be re-issuing critically-acclaimed Scottish novelist Dorothy Dunnett’s backlist, including the complete Lymond Chronicles, the full House of Niccolò series and Dunnett’s stand-alone novel, King Hereafter.

Frequently described as the finest historical fiction writer of her time, Dunnett earned worldwide acclaim for her blend of scholarship and imagination. The six-volume Lymond Chronicles and the eight-volume House of Niccolò series, both set in medieval Europe, are epic novels of ambition, adventure and political intrigue, teeming with culture and wit. Her standalone novel, King Hereafter, tells the 11th century story of Earl Thorfinn of Orkney, whom Dunnett believed was King Macbeth. In 2014 Dunnett’s hero, Francis Crawford of Lymond, was voted the greatest fictional character in Scottish literature – beating the likes of Sherlock Holmes, Harry Potter and Ivanhoe. Dunnett died on 9th November 2001, having sold half a million copies internationally.

The Lymond Chronicles and House of Niccolò series will be released with a consistent new look, and Dunnett’s standalone novel, King Hereafter will be released with a similar rebrand. Curtis Brown have also closed a major TV deal with Mammoth Screen (Poldark, Victoria and Parade’s End) for the Lymond Chronicles series.

Jillian Taylor, Senior Editor at Michael Joseph, says: ‘The time is right to reintroduce Dorothy’s writing to a new audience. Her novels are densely and lushly written, with the psychological complexity of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones and plotting worthy of Alexandre Dumas. Many, many writers owe a debt to Dorothy, and her originality, meticulous scholarship and truly unforgettable characters will enthral readers all over again.

Norah Perkins, at Curtis Brown, says: ‘A true Renaissance woman, Dorothy Dunnett was a Scottish writer of the highest international calibre. Written with style, powerful intelligence, high comedy and panache, her books are beloved by hundreds of thousands of readers from around the world. We are thrilled that with this important re-issue they will beguile a new generation, and confirm Dorothy’s standing as one of the great writers of the twentieth century.’

Dunnett’s six-volume Lymond Chronicles and her standalone novel King Hereafter will be published in September 2017. The complete House of Niccolò series will follow in 2018.

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A special treat for IDDD 2016

In honour of International Dorothy Dunnett Day, ABC Classic FM have made available a podcast of Dorothy being interviewed by Margaret Throsby in the year 2000. At 40 mins long it’s just wonderful to listen to. Thank you ABC!

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International Dorothy Dunnett Day 2016

The sixth annual IDDD will take place on Saturday 12th November 2016, when once again Dunnett Readers across the world will meet in homes, restaurants, pubs, parks, museums and other locations; and at 13.00 (1 pm) local time they will raise a glass to toast the Lady who started it all, and to absent friends.

A thoughtful moment at Dorothy Dunnett’s memorial stone in Makars’ Court, Edinburgh, on IDDD 2015. (Photo: Ann Auchterlonie)

So far, 2016 gatherings are being planned in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa, Canada; Minneapolis-St Paul, Boston, Albany, NY in the USA; and Edinburgh, London and the Cotswolds in the UK.  We will post further details on this page of meetings around the world as soon as we hear about them, so keep checking back.  If you would like to help organise an IDDD meeting in 2016, or to attend one, please email us at [email protected].  It doesn’t matter if there are two of you or two score.

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Whispering Gallery feedback

Whispering Gallery receives some great unsolicited feedback:

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Travellers in Ottoman Lands: The Botanical Legacy

Seminar at the Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 13th-14th May 2017

As some of Lymond’s adventures occur in Ottoman territory this is sure to be of interest to botanically-minded Dorothy Dunnett readers.

Call for papers (deadline for submission of abstracts is Sunday 15 January 2017)

Presented by the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East (ASTENE) in conjunction with the Centre for Middle Eastern Plants, part of the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Contributions are welcome from a wide range of disciplines and interests. It is envisaged that the Seminar will cover many fascinating subjects on (though not restricted to) the following main themes:

  • Travellers’ accounts related to the botanical legacy of any part of the former Ottoman Empire (eg, present-day Turkey, the Levant, Egypt, the Balkans, Arabian Peninsula etc)
  • The flora of the region, including their heritage, preservation and medicinal uses
  • Bulbs of the region, especially tulips, and their cultural significance; Tulipomania
  • Ottoman garden design and architecture
  • Floral and related motifs in Ottoman art, including textiles, ceramics etc
  • Culinary aspects of the botanical legacy of the region
  • Literary, pictorial and photographic depictions of any aspect of the botanical and horticultural legacy of the region
  • Orientalism as applicable to any of the seminar’s main themes

More details are in the flyer that can be downloaded here.

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