International Dorothy Dunnett Day 2012

The 2nd International Dorothy Dunnett Day (IDDD) took place on Saturday 10th November 2012.  Once again Dunnett Readers across the world met in homes, restaurants, pubs, parks, museums or other locations; and at 13.00 (1 pm) local time raised a glass to toast the Lady who started it all.

You can see below what kind of IDDD events were arranged  in 2012. If you got together with some friends to toast the Lady, please send a photo to Simon Hedges at [email protected]  If you would like to help organise an IDDD meeting in 2013, or to attend one, please email Simon Hedges at [email protected]  It doesn’t matter if there are two of you or two score.

Sydney, Australia

IDDD on Saturday 10 November 2012.
Venue: The Bar at the End of the Wharf
Address: Sydney Theatre Company, Pier 4, Hickson Road Walsh Bay.
Time: 12.30pm for lunch
Contact and RSVP: Sue Boaden, [email protected]

Wisconsin, USA

Madison, Wisconsin area.  Dunnetteers will meet in the Board Room at the Great Dane Pub in Hilldale at 12 noon on Saturday 10 November for lunch and a 1 pm toast to Dorothy.  If you wish to attend, please contact Rose Helmberger on [email protected] with “Wisconsin” in the title of the email.

Galesville, Maryland, USA

The Mid-Atlantic Dunnett readers will meet on IDDD in Galesville, MD, south of Annapolis, at NOON on Saturday 10 November 2012 at the Pirate’s Cove restaurant.  All are welcome! We will raise our glasses to Dorothy at 1:00 p.m.
RSVP to Judith McFadden via [email protected] if you have not already told her you are coming.  Please put “Galesville” in the subject line. Drive Safely!
Update 7 Oct: Judith’s list of those who live within 100 miles of Baltimore contains Jeanne, Roberta, Margie, Peter and Elle.  If you do not see your name, send Judith an email at [email protected] with “Maryland” in the subject line.

Santa Barbara, California, USA

DD readers will be meeting for lunch at a local restaurant on Saturday 10 November 2012.  Those interested should contact Nancy Wright via [email protected] with “Santa Barbara” in the subject line.

Vancouver, Canada

Saturday 10 November 2012
Dunnett readers in Western Canada will celebrate International Dorothy Dunnett Day by making a day trip to Roberts Creek on the Sunshine Coast. Please contact Susanne Lloyd at [email protected] for complete details.

Ottawa, Canada

The Ottawa International Dorothy Dunnett Day celebration will be at The Daily Grind Arts Café, 301 Somerset Street, near the corner of Somerset and Percy.
Time: 12 noon on Saturday, November 10.
You don’t have to let me know at [email protected] if you can make it, but if you do, I’ll make sure the reservations are adequate.  The reservation is under the name “Elizabeth”.  As before, please bring a passage from one of the Dunnett books to read aloud to us.  And wear a special hat.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Saturday 10th November 2012

10.45 Meet outside St. Giles’ Cathedral for a conducted tour by Dr Rosalind Marshall, Scotland’s leading authority on the cathedral, and author of ‘St. Giles’: The Dramatic Story of a Great Church and its People’.
11.45 Makars’ Courtyard of the Writers’ Museum for a remembrance of Dorothy and flower ceremony.
12.15 Transport to Channings Hotel for 1.00 pm toast, lunch and blethers. Everyone most welcome. Please contact Ann McMillan at [email protected] with “Edinburgh” in the subject line.

Brussels, Belgium

Location: Alexandra Reis’s house
Saturday 10 November 2012
Please contact Alexandra at [email protected] with “Brussels” in the subject line.

Christchurch, New Zealand

Our small group in Christchurch, New Zealand, will be again celebrating the IDDD at The Chateau, in Christchurch,  New Zealand on 10 November 2012. Any DDers are welcome to join us to enjoy good food, drink and bonhomie. Please contact Brenda at [email protected] with “Christchurch” in the subject line.

Loire Valley, France

Mishi Bellamy would love to get together for lunch in Blois or Amboise and walk the walk around the chateaux, small rues and byways of either ville.  For more information please contact Mishi at [email protected] with “Loire Valley” in the subject line.

Gloucestershire, England

Gloucestershire IDDD will once against be held in Cirencester, and hosted by Diana Crane.  If you wish to attend, please email Simon Hedges on [email protected] with “Gloucestershire” in the subject line.  The exact location is yet to be decided, but it will be in a café or pub in Cirencester.  Members and non-Members are welcome.  You don’t have to live in Gloucestershire to attend.  We look forward to hearing from you.

London, England

Location: Chiswick
Saturday 10 November 2012
Please contact Jen Myers at [email protected] with “Chiswick” in the subject line.

Central London, England

Fifth View bar in Waterstone’s on Piccadilly
From 12.00 noon, Saturday 10th November
You are welcome to join us for a coffee, a drink or lunch – whatever is easier for you.
Please contact Jenny Francis at [email protected] with “London” in the subject line.

Berkshire, Bucks and Surrey, England

Location (depends on numbers) and time: to be confirmed
Saturday 10 November 2012
Please contact Jayne Smith at [email protected] with “Berkshire” in the subject line.

San Francisco Bay Area, USA

DePonte residence
San Rafael, California, USA
12 noon, Saturday 10 November 2012
Please contact Olive DePonte at [email protected] with “San Francisco” in the subject line.

San Antonio, Texas, USA

Waxy O’Connor’s Irish Pub
12.15, Saturday 10 November
Please contact Mickey Thies at [email protected] with “San Antonio” in the subject line.

Twin Cities, USA

Minneapolis-St Paul, Minnesota
Mezzanine Restaurant, Minneapolis Institute of Arts
12 noon, Saturday 10 November 2012
Please contact Kit Gordon at [email protected] with “Minneapolis-St Paul” in the subject line.

Boston, USA

Needham, Massachusetts.
12 noon, Saturday 10 November 2012
Please contact Susan Silverman at [email protected] with “Boston” in the subject line.

Toronto-Niagara, Canada

Location: to be confirmed
Please contact Tina Dallas at [email protected] with “Toronto-Niagara” in the subject line.