Forthcoming Events

International Dorothy Dunnett Day 2015

This year International Dorothy Dunnett Day will take place on Saturday 14th November, when once again Dunnett Readers across the world will meet in homes, restaurants, pubs, parks, museums and other locations; and at 13.00 (1 pm) local time they will raise a glass to toast the Lady who started it all.

Dunnett Carnival of Venice

Mon 19 Sep – Fri 23 Sep 2016

Organised by Simon Hedges and Olive Millward, following on from the Dunnett Siege of Istanbul and the Dunnett Siege of Malta.  Visit the places in Venice that Niccolò and his associates would have known, in the company of fellow Dunnett readers.

For more info, contact Simon Hedges via our Contact Us page.

Edinburgh Dunnett Weekend and AGM 2016

The Dorothy Dunnett Society’s annual gathering and Annual General Meeting will take place in Edinburgh during the weekend of 16th-17th April 2016.