Dunnett Carnival of Venice

Mon 19 Sep – Fri 23 Sep 2016

Organised by Simon Hedges and Olive Millward, following on from the Dunnett Siege of Istanbul and the Dunnett Siege of Malta.  Visit the places in Venice that Niccolò and his associates would have known, in the company of fellow Dunnett readers.


For more info, contact Simon Hedges via our Contact Us page.

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Dunnett Debate at the Dundee Literary Festival

The Dorothy Dunnett Society’s Dundee members, with the organisers of the Dundee Literary Festival, have arranged their second event at this Festival. We hope you can come and join us. For more details go to dundee.ac.uk/literarydundee/.

Saturday 25th October at 2.00 pm
Books: Escape from Reality, or Food for the Soul?
Reading and the Mind: in partnership with the Dorothy Dunnett Society

Inspired  by  the  worlds  created  by  Dorothy  Dunnett,  we  take  our  starting point from her rich historical chronicles and consider others, including those of George RR Martin, Walter Scott and JRR Tolkien, and the pleasure they bring readers. With Trevor Harley, Professor of Cognitive Psychology in the School of Psychology at the University of Dundee, Stuart Kelly, critic and author of ScottLand, and the Dorothy Dunnett Society’s Julia Hart,  we’ll delve into the effects reading has on mental health, cognition and memory, in conversation with Simon Hedges.

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New book: Women Writers and the Hero of Romance

Judith Wilt, Newton College Alumni Chair Emerita at Boston College, USA, includes a chapter on the novels of Dorothy Dunnett in her new book Women Writers and the Hero of Romance, which is to be published in June 2014. Judith draws together classics including Wuthering Heights and Middlemarch, epics from Ayn Rand and Dorothy Dunnett, and pop culture romances from The Scarlet Pimpernel and The Sheik to the Twilight and Fifty Shades of Grey sagas in a discussion that seeks to answer the question: What does the heroine seek from the hero in a romance – self enhancement or selfsharing? Submission or dominance? A place in this world or a world apart?

Women Writers and the Hero of Romance is published on 18 June by Palgrave Macmillan, ISBN 978-1137426970.

Buy yours now (or ask your local library to do so) using our special links below, which support the Dorothy Dunnett Society by earning a small referral fee:

Buy Women Writers and the Hero of Romance at amazon.co.uk

Buy Women Writers and the Hero of Romance at amazon.com

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Edinburgh weekend 2014

The 2014 Edinburgh Dunnett Weekend took place from Friday 4th – Sunday 6th April at the Royal Over-Seas League.

Our weekend began on Friday 4th April with the traditional welcome dinner at The  Sheraton Hotel. On Saturday 5th April we heard Philippa Langley of the Richard III Society describe her extraordinary quest to find the body of the much-maligned Plantagenet king. She was followed by Professor Caroline Wilkinson who took the skull  discovered by Philippa and the archaeological team from Leicester University and  reconstructed the face of King Richard. After lunch we listened to our own Bill Marshall discuss the magnificent Jerott Blyth, a Dunnett character equally loved and loathed and the subject of fierce debate. When we had calmed down we were addressed by Natalie Lussey, the winner of the Dorothy Dunnett History Prize. We finished the afternoon with the Annual General Meeting of the Dorothy Dunnett Society.  Later that evening we enjoyed a gala dinner in the ROSL restaurant, with readings, toasts and frivolity.

On Sunday 6th April we took a coach from Edinburgh to the beautiful seaside city of Dundee – home of jute, journalism and jam! Here we divided into two groups. One group visited RSS Discovery, Capt Robert Scott’s legendary ship, with its adjacent museum filled with artefacts from the glorious golden days of Antarctic exploration. The second group visited Dundee’s award winning Verdant Works, Scotland’s jute museum. After lunch we spent some time in Dundee’s famous McManus Gallery and were among the first to see the carved medieval stones recently restored and placed on display, as well as wonderful paintings, artefacts and historical treasures. Some of us also took the opportunity to take a five minute stroll to The Howff – ground given to the city by Mary, Queen of Scots, and used as a cemetery ever since. The atmospheric graveyard is filled with ancient gravestones many with poignant verses and attractive carving. After returning to Edinburgh we joined fellow delegates for a fond farewell in small groups at restaurants of our choice around the city.

Many thanks go to our wonderful organiser, Kathy Lewis, who masterminded the entire weekend.  Kathy will be resigning her position next year and the Society will be looking for someone new to arrange the Dunnett Weekend in 2016. It’s a hugely enjoyable role but does require time and commitment. If you are interested please drop Kathy a line using our contact form. She will be happy to answer any questions.

The job does not have to be done by one person of course. It could easily be shared, perhaps with one person arranging the Saturday lectures and another the Sunday trip. The Saturday events are easily arranged via mail, phone and email and can be done from home with no requirement for travelling to Scotland. The Sunday outing may particularly suit someone who lives in Scotland or northern England as at least one exploratory visit has to be made to a potential venue.

The next Edinburgh Dunnett weekend will take place at the Royal Over-Seas League on Princes Street from Friday 17th-Sunday 19th April 2015.

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Oxford Day 7th June 2014 booking form

Download booking form

In association with the Dorothy Dunnett Society, Oxford Day 2014 will be once again at Wolfson College, this year in the new, state of the art auditorium.  All Dunnett readers and their friends are welcome.


Click the picture to hear 3 early Italian pieces for the clavichord

The programme features a recital on the clavichord given by David Gerrard, including music from the time of Lymond.  After lunch there will be a session given by art historian Dr Geri Parlby on “The history and legends of St Catherine’s Monastery, Mount Sinai” (Unicorn Hunt).

The cost of the day includes morning coffee, lunch and afternoon tea and an optional evening meal has been arranged at the newly refurbished Linton Lodge Hotel. Details of overnight accommodation at Wolfson College and the Linton Lodge Hotel are on the back of the booking form which you can download here. Completed booking forms and payment must be with Olive Millward by 11th May.

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