PayPal problems?

Payment immediately followed by Cancellation message?

You may receive an email from PayPal stating that your subscription has been cancelled.  If this happens on the same day as you receive an email from PayPal saying that a payment has been made, it will be because your repeat subscription has completed all 3 payments.  PayPal used to send out emails saying that your subscription had “completed” when it completed, but in 2011, the wording changed to “Cancelled”, which leads to confusion.  If you receive a cancellation email, and you are unsure about why, please contact Simon Hedges explaining the circumstances.

Problems with PayPal repeat subscriptions?

If your PayPal account is funded from a bank account, you are unlikely to encounter any problems (unless you cancel your bank account, or it hits an immovable overdraft limit). However, if your PayPal account is funded from a Credit Card, then it will refuse payment if your credit card has expired or been cancelled.

Credit/Debit/Charge card expiry?

If your card has expired, this is easy to fix as long as you have new version of the same credit card (i.e. the card number is the same, but the expiry date is later). You will receive an email warning you of the expiry. Just go into PayPal and select the “My Account” menu option. Then click on the “Profile” menu and select “Add or remove card”.

You should see your card listed here. Click on “Edit”. Do NOT remove the card and add it back afresh, as this will cancel the subscription entirely. Instead, edit the Expiry Date (and any other relevant information and click “Save”. This should cause the payment to process normally in another few days.

It is recommended that, if you use a calendar/reminder facility – eg, on your phone – you set it to generate a reminder each year a few days ahead of the PayPal repeat subscription date to remind you to update your PayPal account with the new expiry date. Or else remember that each time the bank issues you with a new card, you must go into PayPal and update the record.

If you want to avoid this hassle, then you could associate your PayPal account with a Bank Account instead/as well.

Credit/Debit/Charge card cancellation?

If your card is cancelled for any reason then your PayPal account will fail when it next tries to take payment.

If you are planning to change card providers, then the recommendation is to add the new card to your PayPal account before you delete the old one from it. This may well ensure that the PayPal repeat subscription continues without interruption.

Oops – too late – my repeat subscription got cancelled!

If this happens, send an email to Simon Hedges – he can arrange for the subscription to be re-established when it’s next due, at the original rate. But this is all rather a pain to do, so do please try to avoid it.

Deliberate cancellation?

PayPal doesn’t tell us if a subscription is cancelled accidentally or deliberately by yourself. If you choose to deliberately end your subscription, we may send you an email asking you if this was the case.